Uplifting story of the week – Layaway Angels

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Lee Karchawar and his fellow Layaway Angels approach the layaway counter at a Kmart in the Bronx. “We’re here to surprise you today by paying off the remaining balances on your layaway!” he announces. Karchawar is the founder of a nonprofit called Pay Away The Layaway. He grew up in a middle-class home in upstate New York, and says he typically received everything he wanted for Hannukah as a child. As an adult, he was motivated to give back, and Pay Away The Layaway was born. He and his Angels work with stores in areas like New York, Chicago, and the Bay Area to ensure that they pay off layaways mostly consisting of toys.

For the full article, go here:

  • http://www.today.com/holidayguide/merry-mitzvah-layaway-angels-pay-thousands-toys-1D8035400

You can also click the above photo if you would like to become a Layaway Angel.

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