Summer Camp 2018
**Please check back in January for more details **

Welcome to Camp Connect Us!  Our camp offers an uplifting 1, 2 or 3 week camp experience that fosters children’s social growth through guided, EXTREMELY FUN, imaginative, collaborative activities. Our 15-hour per week program provides intensive, social-skill-building opportunities in small, age-based group settings.  Teammates depend on one another to achieve common goals and are coached, as needed to communicate, problem-solve and engage with their peers.  Skill development occurs while kids are doing what they they love most–having fun with peers!

Whether socially gifted or awkward, extremely shy or extroverted, magic happens when diverse groups of kids are brought together in a supportive, social learning environment where they’re encouraged to express their individuality and discover commonalities with their peers.  They gain an understanding and appreciation of differences and become cohesive units banding together to create a community.

Age Groups:

 Although we have general age guidelines below, sometimes a younger child is better suited for an older group and vice-versa. For example, Lofty Leaders may be a perfect fit for a very mature 4th grader.
Connect The Tots
Pre-Kindergarten, Ages 3-5

Exploring social interaction through structured, interactive activities involving music, dance, ‘snack chat’ and pretend play. The Tots curriculum fosters turn-taking, cooperation, communication, listening and shared enjoyment.  Must be potty-trained.

Grow with the Flow

Level 1:  Grades K-1
Level 2:  Grades 2-3

Curriculum is all about teamwork and friendly competition. Activities involve group discussions and problem-solving, open communication, flexibility, encouraging others, asserting own views and learning from other points of view.

Lofty Leaders

Level 1: Grades 4-5

Level 2: Grades 6-7

Same objectives as Grow with the Flow with an additional focus on decoding pre-teen/teen verbal and non-verbal communication.  Campers will practice self-advocating, assertiveness, positive self-talk, standing up for others and perspective-taking. They will have opportunities to lead activities and be peer mentors for our younger groups. 

Camp Curriculum:
All age groups will begin in their home-base group and rotate to different facilitator teams/activities throughout the day, such as:
  • Opening & Closing Friendship Circles
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Physical Play / Sports
  • Science / Cooking / Sensory Activities
  • Music / Drama / Imaginative Play
  • Outdoor Adventure / Water Play


The youngest group will have a period of quiet/rest time in the afternoon, while the other groups participate in a community activity. In addition to the dozens of exciting activities we have planned, there are weekly theme parties, special guests and surprises around each corner! 

Questions?  Contact Bailey at: or call 303-773-3960.