Play, the Universal Language of Kids

Children learn valuable skills while playing together in an inclusive learning environment at the Connect Us summer program

Charles wakes up early Wednesday mornings to go to his summer program at Cook Park. He is excited to see his old friends and play outside for the day. He puts on his mask and walks to the group to greet them. The instructor begins to explain the project, then gives Charles the supplies he needs to create what assuredly will be a masterpiece. His fingers glide across the paint brushes as he begins to plan his project and work through the steps. He receives help from his peers as they all work on having productive conversations and work together as a group.

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Cherry Hills Living January 2014

It seems you can’t open a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing of another case of bullying that has led to a tragic end. Though many people believe something must be done to stop this unnecessary behavior, they are at a loss as to what to do.

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Recess 101: The art of play

A few Cherry Creek Schools have implemented Recess Facilitation Programs in an effort to reduce bullying:

Recess is making a comeback in some Cherry Creek Schools. During a time of reduced playtime at school, virtual Wii sports, and structured after-school competitive teams, recess has become an afterthought. The days of four-square, kickball and hopscotch seem to be long gone. 

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“Breakfast Club” for a Younger Set

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There’s the jock….the princess….the quirky kid….the shy outsider….the kid who gets into fights a lot. The movie “The Breakast Club” brings all of these kids together one Saturday morning and somehow, they reach beyond their labels and begin to understand each other. What a beautiful idea, but rarely is this acheived in our schools. At one Cherry Creek School, however, a student doesn’t need to be sentenced to a morning of detention to be immersed with kids who seemingly have nothing in common.

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