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We are so excited for Summer Camp 2015, which begins on June 22nd! The program consists of three themed weeks of fun, during which we play games, do crafts, and work on our communication and collaboration skills.
Whether we’re at camp, in groups, at home, or anywhere, really, there are some basic skills we try to teach our kids.

One of those skills is positive, soothing self-talk. This may be harder for younger kids to grasp, but most can do it on some level. Positive self-talk involves reasoning inside one’s head out loud, with the goals of staying calm and problem-solving effectively. Naturally, when kids are interacting with each other, someone can end up feeling anxious or left out. At this point, his/her adrenaline starts pumping, and there’s the potential for getting upset. In these situations, kids can tell themselves, “It’s okay. We can use our words to try to work it out!¬† I can’t control what other people do, but I can control my own actions. I’m great!” Or, when losing a game, “It’s not a big deal. It’s just a ball game. We’re going to play another game in a few minutes. I gave it my best, and so did my friends! We can try again next time!”

Another skill is reading social cues. Knowing how to interpret nonverbal communication is so important. Connect Us is a safe place for everyone to be open and honest about what they think and feel. We take advantage of opportunities to break ¬†communication down, and teach kids what to look for in order to interpret social situations. A lot of kids tend to think they are receiving negative reactions when in reality, they aren’t! We can help clear up those misconceptions. This process is vital, because an ongoing cycle of negative perceptions has an effect on self-confidence! Additionally, ongoing misreading of social cues can become triggers for behavioral issues.

Just like anything else, these skills require practice, and Connect Us is ready to help kids take the next steps at Summer Camp. 

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