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Recently a parent brought these snippets to our attention. They really speak to the work we do at Connect Us.

A Child’s Popularity May Depend on Understanding Others.
A new report claims that children who are tuned-in to what others want, think, and feel are more popular in school than those who aren’t as good at understanding others.
An analysis of 20 studies that included almost 2,100 children reveals a strong link between popularity and being able to figure out what others think and feel. The findings suggest that this ability is important for making friends at an early age and maintaining friendships as children get older. Study leader Dr. Virginia Slaughter adds, “Our findings suggest that training children to be sensitive to others’ thoughts and feelings may improve their relationships with peers… This may be particularly important for children who are struggling with friendship issues, such as children who are socially isolated.”
– Child Development, April 2015

  • We help kids pick up on and interpret verbal and nonverbal cues. By building their communication skills, we’re also helping them build friendships!

Move to the Music!
New research from McMaster University, in Canada, found that 14-month-olds were more likely to help someone – by picking up a dropped object and handing it back – after dancing in sync to music with that person.  “This suggests that dancing, or even singing, clapping, and bouncing in time to music helps young children form social bonds,” says study author Laura Cirelli.
– Parents, January 2015

  • Particularly in our Connect The Tots group, we like to open and close with a song!

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